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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems in Central Alberta

Advanced Fire & Safety Systems provides fire suppression systems in Central Alberta to help guard against facility damage, potential injury and lost profits due to business interruption. These systems assure fire detection and suppression 24-hours a day; a continual fire protection that quickly suppresses fires, prevents the occurrence of re-flash, and allows for quick cleanup.


Our experienced and friendly technicians will design, install, maintain, and provide any needed repairs for the right fire suppression system to suit your needs while meeting UL 300 standards and easily fitting into your kitchen layout. For more information or to schedule service at your location, please contact us for an appointment.



Our product offerings include fire suppression systems by:

  • Range Guard
  • Kidde
kitchen fire suppression system

Stay safe with automated fire protection

Remove build-up of grease, soot and other flammable materials

Talk to the fire safety experts

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